Inflatable High Top Walker Boot

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The OTC Inflatable Air Walker Cast, Pneumatic High Top Orthopedic Walking Boot Brace increases stability and help decrease pain and edema following trauma or post-operative procedures. Extra-Strong molded strut design with non-skid, shock absorbing sole. Designed for the treatment of stable fractures and ankle sprains. Purposefully engineered with an integrated pump which allows for the liner to easily inflate and adjust, accommodating changes in edema during rehab. The cushioned inner and outer sole provides shock absorption which helps improve comfort during ambulation, while the cushioned heel delegates greater energy absorption. A low-profile rocker bottom helps promote a natural gait and reduces plantar pressure. Inflation system increases stability while decreasing pain and swelling Air bladder is easily adjusted to achieve desired compression and custom fit Unique shock absorbing sole Specially engineered rocker bottom helps promote a natural, stable gait Non-skid sole Soft, breathable foam liner keeps skin cool and dry Easily adjustable strap system No assembly required